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Belle DVD: Retro Raslin’ Gals TAA-002 Approx. Run Time 75 min.. Product #: TAA-002 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Retro Raslin’ Gals TAA-002

Retro Raslin’ Gals #TAA-002
Female Wrestling - Amateur Circa 1980’s
2 Amateur Bikini & 1 Tag Team
TAA-002 Approx. Run Time 75 min
1. Teri vs. Belle: Amateur Bikini Wrestling
The blonde bombshell Belle is challenged by the beautiful tanned brunette Teri in a wild pro-amateur female wrestling match with airplane spins, body smashes, hair pulling, painful mat holds, and hard-hitting flips! You can`t help but be on the edge of your seat! There`s non-stop action, until one fit fighter is taken out by a seriously crushing figure four leg lock! The winner poses in a well deserved victory!

2. Sweet Savage & Rachel vs. Teri & Crissy: Amateur Bikini Wrestling Tag Team
Sweet Savage`s speed is teamed with Rachel`s aggressive attitude to take on street-savvy Crissy and gorgeous fit brunette Teri, at the height of her prowess. This proves to be a great sexy and violent amateur female wrestling tag team match--one you won`t soon forget!

3. Renee aka “The California Angel” vs. Lynn Marie: Championship Amateur Female Wrestling
The bodacious Renee, aka California Angel, is challenged by Lynn Marie in this pro-amateur female wrestling match. Great takedowns and sexy hard body-to-body mat holds ensue as this match heats up. Stomach kicks and cunning female wiles make this match a real struggle for both fit and gorgeous opponents. Both are exhausted by the end, but one determined wrestler never gave up. She poses in victory as the other is left lifeless on the ring floor.


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DVD: Retro Raslin’ Gals TAA-002
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