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Christy E. DVD: Powerless Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: SK-126 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Powerless

Leigh vs Christy E.
Female Wrestling Domination
SK-126 Approx. Run Time 45 min
In this serious female domination wrestling, special interest match, shedding her blouse and skirt revealing a super brief yellow bikini against her magnificent body, Brunette Leigh is admiring herself when she is jumped by the big Blonde Christy E, who outweighs Leigh by at least 30 pounds. Straight to the floor goes Leigh as Christy E. traps the smaller girl in a series of bone crushing holds, all punctuated by savage hair pulling.

Trapped in a chinlock and a rib crushing body scissors, Leigh’s waist long hair is mercilessly yanked by the cruel blonde as Leigh screams, squirms and howls as she is mutilated by a much more powerful dominate female. You wont want to miss this female domination wrestling catfight as Leigh’s perfect breasts almost pop from their tight shelters as she is ravaged again and again by Christy E.’s assault. Leigh’s body is a mass of pain, her hair almost pulled from its roots and her screams of mercy bring no relief from her evil attacker. Tiring of her playful destruction of such a beautiful body, Christy E. uses chloroform to render her victim unconscious and then hog-ties Leigh’s lifeless body with what seems to be twenty feet of rope. If female domination wrestling is your game and ultimate destruction is your name then this female domination wrestling, special interest match is for you!


Wrestlers : Christy E., Leigh
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DVD: Powerless
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