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Onyx DVD: Power Trip Approx. Run Time 55 min.. Product #: sk-293 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Power Trip

Raquel vs. Bill * Masked Girl vs. Sir X
Two Mixed Wrestling Matches Plus: Preview Mixed Wrestling
sk-293 Approx. Run Time 55 min
This mixed wrestling match is filled with sexy holds and moves. Raquel in her micro bikini is not only gorgeous, but a confident fighter. Bill is her opponent, and they meet in the ring with a test of strengths. Raquel counter moves and drops Bill to the mat. Don’t let Raquel’s pretty and sexy looks fool you, this girl is strong and quick. She moves in and gives him what she calls stretching holds. Good thing Bill is somewhat flexible, as these holds are nasty! She then has Bill in seriously painful leg holds, but he is not quick enough to counter and Raquel just pores it on with great creative holds. Bill won’t submit, and he finally gets in his revenge and stretches Raquel for all she is worth. Raquel then has him in the ropes and just covers him in a mean tie up, then chokes him till he is gasping for air. He gets a second wind and takes Raquel’s arm and just torques it in painful arm bars. Raquel fires back with a leg drop to the groin. She finally suplexes him and finishes him off with a cross face where he is forced to submit. This little girl can really dish out the punishment.

Next, a tough and sexy Masked Girl goes after the black masked Sir X. Even though she is smaller than Sir X, she sure is mean, and ready to dish out some punishment in this mixed wrestling match. Sir X is not giving her any advantage, and they struggle and strain though exhausting holds and counter moves. Masked Girl finally gets the upper hand and kicks, punches and slams Sir X all over the ring. He finds himself caught in an inescapable figure four head scissors and finally succumbs to the mean Masked Girl. Two hard fought exciting mixed matches from Steel Kittens. (Plus - Preview Matches on DVD)


Wrestlers : Onyx, Raquel
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DVD: Power Trip
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