Pro Style Women's Wrestling

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Belle DVD: Lioness at Large Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: SK-208 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Lioness at Large

Molly vs. Savvy * Belle vs. Riptide
Two Professional Women`s Wrestling Matches
SK-208 Approx. Run Time 50 min
Vivacious Molly McShane meets Savvy, a perky blonde who thinks Molly will be easy. The bell rings and Molly tosses Savvy to the mat by her hair in two quick throws. Molly raises Savvy to her feet and catches the shocked blonde first in a reverse chinlock and then a crushing figure 4 standing headlock. Savvy grabs Molly and tosses her into corner ring, where she batters Molly about the head and face. Then quick as a flash Molly has secured a tight headlock on Savvy and follows with a back breaker that treats the young blonde to a submission and a real lesson in professional women`s wrestling.

Fall two begins as Savvy shoves Molly into a ring corner to continue her illegal punching and elbowing. After hip tossing Molly twice and leaving her hurting, Savvy follows Molly around the ring, kicking her butt. Savvy then manages to gain an unusually tight arm stretch on Molly, and using all her energy on this hold Savvy evens the bout, as Molly is now the one that submits. The third fall is very quick as Molly body slams Savvy several times and then catches the rookie in an angel submission hold, which ends the fall and the match.

The ref tries to stop Belle from bringing a folding chair into the ring in the second match, but Belle says she needs her rest until Riptide arrives. Riptide finally climbs into the ring. The bell rings and Belle grabs Riptide in a tight waist scissors. Belle catches her in an arm stretch and then a tight step over toehold before she body slams her a few times. Riptide fights back, tries a savage head scissors on Belle, and then kicks her savagely in the crotch several times, as Belle howls with each evil blow.

In the type of quick reversal that characterizes the best professional women`s wrestling, Belle then gains control, clotheslines Riptide twice, and catches her in a tight arm stretch. Riptide is now the angry one, and uses a rear chin lock to push Belle into a corner where she uses her arms and legs to pulverize Belle’s body. Belle grabs the folding chair and smashes Riptide and the Referee into unconsciousness to end this match. 50 min.


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DVD: Lioness at Large
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