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Brooke DVD: Kitten Krunch Approx. Run Time 46 min.. Product #: sk-309 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Kitten Krunch

Cheyenne vs. Kristal * Brooke vs. Jade
Female Wrestling – Domination - 1 Topless
sk-309 Approx. Run Time 46 min
The first wrestling match has Cheyenne as a strong and skilled grappler, but she doesn’t like the looks of her opponent, the sexy busty blonde Kristal. Kristal comes out and quickly surprises Cheyenne by punching her all the way to the corner but Cheyenne quickly slams her to the mat and this female domination wrestling match is on! Kristal fights like a wild cat, but Cheyenne is clearly much stronger and overpowers the topless busty blonde at every turn. Back breaking holds, camel clutches, suffocating scissor holds, kicks, arm bars, figure four leg locks, and rope slams, has the little blonde screaming in pain. Cheyenne has a feast with her pray as she humiliates and dominates the topless blonde all over the ring. The sexy little blonde is beaten and battered and is forced to give when Cheyenne locks on with a super tight shoulder lock, leaving Kristal sobbing on the ring floor. Cheyenne’s power and strength made easy work of this little busty gal.

Then, young Brooke in her pink bikini and pig tails, thinks its all fun and games until she meets the strong and beautiful Asian Jade, in this female wrestling domination match. Brooke surprises Jade with a swift and mean head lock take down. Jade gets up and tosses Brooke into the turnbuckle and delivers hard belly punches with steel hard heel kicks to the mid section. Jade is having a play day with the young Brooke and punishes her from head to toe. Brooke is really hurt! Slamming her all over the ring, from pillar to post, rope to rope! Brooke manages to get in some hard belly punches but Jade comes back with a standing back breaker and a tight figure four head scissors. The Asian Queen is in total control! More standing slam take downs followed by Jades awesome kicks. Jade is ready to finish young Brooke once and for all. A super tight sleeper hold soon ends the day for our cute little young Brooke. Jade is proud and gloats in victory over her victim!


Wrestlers : Brooke, Cheyenne, Jade, Kristal
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DVD: Kitten Krunch
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