Pro Style Women's Wrestling

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Belle DVD: Hearts Found Fury Approx. Run Time 60 min.. Product #: SK-234 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Hearts Found Fury

Belle Vs Ebony Princess & Fire Vs Nikki the NY Knockout
Two Professional Wrestling Matches
SK-234 Approx. Run Time 60 min
Revenge is on Belle’s mind, after her first women’s professional wrestling match with Ebony left her bloody and beaten. The bell rings with taunts and angry slaps to the face! The 1st fall is all Belle’s as she uses an arsenal of clever moves, damaging leg holds and stomps to weaken Ebony, ending the 1st fall with a howling submission. The tide changes in the 2nd fall as Ebony returns the favor to the blonde with speed and cruel counter attacks. Ebony catches Belle in a Sunset Flip to be counted out by the ref. The 3rd fall begins and Belle launches a strong whirlwind attack on Ebony. With angry passion, Belle assaults Ebony with fury! Eventually, Ebony is catapulted out of the ring, and Belle smashes her head on the ring apron. It’s pay back time for Ebony as Belle catches her in a mean sleeper hold. She’s down for the count and Belle’s arm is raised in victory, with demolished Ebony out cold, at her feet. Now who is the “Queen of this Ring”?

Two big girls, who have faced each other before, engage in a real slugfest. Blonde Fire ties Nikki up in a tight hammerlock and then bangs Nikki’s head into a turnbuckle. Nikki snap mares Fire, throws her in a corner, savagely kicks her stomach, throws the blonde into the opposite ringpost, where she falls, is pulled upright by her hair and is draped over the rope where Nikki mercilessly forearms her throat. Fire rises from a clothesline attack, smashes Nikki’s head into the turnbuckle, then airplane spins her rival, gives her a snap mare, followed by Nikki using leg drops on Fire’s neck. These two stand toe to toe and each dish out violent punishment to their opponent. The dirty wrestling continues until one wrestler catches the other in a back breaker, drops her foe to the mat, rams her foot into the loser’s belly and stomps the victim into submission, leaving the battered loser flat on her back. A high velocity battle between two powerful women professional wrestlers!


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DVD: Hearts Found Fury
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