Pro Style Women's Wrestling

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Belle DVD: Double Edged Approx. Run Time 40 min.. Product #: SK-243 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Double Edged

Belle Vs The Ebony Princess
Professional Womens Wrestling
SK-243 Approx. Run Time 60 min
Belle enters the ring in a glamorous red swimsuit, poses, and declares “I’m the queen of this ring!” Ebony, outfitted in black, then jumps in the ring for this no-referee non-title submission only match. This is sure to be professional women`s wrestling at its most brutal! Belle starts out by savagely tossing Ebony around the ring, pulling her hair, and battering her in a corner with elbows and fists. Ebony is dragged over the top ropes as Belle, at her meanest, spreads Ebony’s legs and kicks Ebony’s groin violently. This first fall is all Belle’s as she heaps torture after torture on her smaller opponent. Ebony shrieks and cries for mercy as Belle finishes her off with an over the shoulder back-breaker. Belle smiles at her conquest, but Ebony now becomes the barbaric woman, grabbing Belle’s right arm with knee drops, stomps and a twisting arm stretch until Ebony catches the champ with a fiery Boston Crab. Belle finally submits and the bout is all-even.

The final fall is one of the most brutal we’ve ever seen, as Ebony rubs Belle’s eyes on the top ropes, stomps on her aching arm on the bottom ropes, and seems to be in control of the match. Then, as both girls are on the mat, one attacks her weakened opponent with elbow smashes to the head and then throws a powerful roundhouse left which flattens her rival’s face down on the mat. Looking at her fallen opponent, the aggressor unleashes a furious kick to the head and soon blood pours from the victim’s nose and mouth. The fallen woman is kicked again right in the face and now is unconscious. The winner proudly steps on the loser’s stomach and strikes a victory pose, then leaves an inert, battered victim on the mat as the victor exits the ring. This professional women`s wrestling battle is a classic and intense fight to the absolute finish. 60 min.


Wrestlers : Belle, Ebony Princess
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DVD: Double Edged
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