Women's Wrestling (Pro-AM)

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Belle DVD: Blonde Ambitions | DVD Approx. Run Time 45 min.. Product #: SK-2 Regular price: $39.95 $39.95

DVD: Blonde Ambitions | DVD

Belle Vs. Shelly
Topless Pro-Am Female Wrestling
SK-2 Approx. Run Time 45 min
Two of the most voluptuous and talented of the Steel Kittens wrestlers face off in a vicious pro-am female wrestling battle that leaves nothing to the viewer’s imagination. Both wrestling babes are stripped to their skimpy panties by this ferocious onslaught!

Belle and Shelly, two absolute gorgeous blondes, begin standing in opposite corners, adorned with white furs and precious jewels. A battle soon ensues when each girl mocks the other’s expensive baubles, and soon the girls disrobe to reveal themselves clad in the sexiest of attire. Circling one another, exhibiting their ravishing bodies, they call out taunts hoping to strike a raw nerve in the other.

Belle, more petite than her curvaceous counterpart, is a ferocious she-cat attired in a white lace bra and panties with matching gloves. She tears after the provocatively outfitted Shelly with reckless impetuosity. Both of these women know how to wrestle, but the object of this match is evidently to cripple the opponent for life. Amid shrieks of pain and torture, bras are stripped from both sleek bodies and the action looks like it will get deadly. Both flaxen-haired females have perfect breasts, and both are eager to be the only one to leave the ring with her own magnificent orbs still beautiful. These tender parts of their anatomies are subjected to the most brutal pounding and squeezing ever witnessed in a match!

This pro-am female wrestling match is filled with fierce and powerful leg locks and scissors holds, too, as these well trained athletes use their vast wrestling knowledge to try and destroy a suffering victim. Finally one girl, thoroughly beaten, shouts her submission to the world. She is then trussed and tied to the corner post. Here she receives her final and ultimate humiliation.


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DVD: Blonde Ambitions | DVD
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