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Belle DVD: Affliction Approx. Run Time 50 min.. Product #: sk-375 Regular price: $19.95 $19.95

DVD: Affliction

Christi Ricci vs. Frankie * Belle vs. Brandy
Pro Style Women’s Wrestling – Domination Match
sk-375 Approx. Run Time 50 min
Christi Ricci vs. Frankie
Its women’s wrestling in the Steel Kittens Ring! Bringing you, the tall and beautiful Christie Ricci. One of the best independent woman wrestlers of the day. Standing a 5’9”, she is in a red bikini and barefoot. Her opponent is Frankie. A sexy babe, standing a 5’8”, wearing a red bikini and is also barefoot. Both women are evenly matched in size, weight and skills. They have no love for each other, and it shows right off the bat just how competitive these women can be. A test of strengths ensues and escalates into painful knees to the kidneys of both women, till they have to break! Each woman battles to deliver debilitating submission holds, and each one suffers the pain. Witness bear hugs, kicks, reverse head locks, elbow smashes, figure four leg locks, breath taking head scissors, full nelsons, wicked arm bars, Boston crabs, biting and spanking!!!
One women wrestler is exhausted by the onslaught and exits the ring, she catches her breath only to return with a vengeance! Pay back is on! Watch out! She is on a war path! Finally the looser of this match is held down in a deadly sleeper hold and she is almost out. She is let up, but is totally defenseless and is an easy victim for a huge power bomb, that lays her flat on the ring floor, but the winner lays it on even more and completes her deadly sleeper hold and the looser is out cold on the mat!

Brandy vs. Belle
In match two, a fighting fit Belle is challenged by the sexy bodacious blonde Brandy. Belle moves is quickly and holds Brandy down taunting her and egging her on, but Brandy gets her grove on and smashes Belles’ head in the turnbuckle, followed by stomach smashes, sharp chops and stomps. Looks like we are in for a hot one as the tables turn and Brandy finds herself the victim of Belles assaults! Suplex’s, body slams, hair mares, sharp knees to the mid section and Brandy is trapped in the ropes in a furry of brutal crotch kicks! Belle lets it all hang out, bruising and battering the pretty blonde from head to toe!
Brandy is crying in pain, but Belle could care less as she reins down her punishment, Completely dominating Brandy! Not satisfied, Belle punishes the weakened Brandy further by punches to the head, bear hugs, butt busters and repeatedly kicks and stomps Brandy. A boot to the face as Brandy lay helpless on the ring floor. But that is not all! Belle just imposes her will, and fighting in the ring isn’t enough! After applying a painful figure four, she drags the blonde out to the ring apron for some painful arm, leg and belly punishment like never seen before, then smashes Brandy’s head and body on the concrete wall, drags her back to the apron and continues to smash the pretty blondes face in the mat! Brandy is totally under Belles control and is defenseless against her onslaught! Belle just pulverizes the sexy battered blonde! The ending doesn’t come soon enough for Brandy as she is finally choked out with a figure four head scissors. You don’t want to mess with this fighting fit Queen of the Ring! Belle does an exceptional job dominating Brandy and it’s doubtful if Brandy will be willing to get in the ring with her again!


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DVD: Affliction
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