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Princezz High Heeled Honey's | Download Topless Catfighting | Foot Fetish | Domination.. Product #: str_sk-395-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

High Heeled Honey's | Download

Astrid vs. Princezz
Topless Catfighting | Foot Fetish | Domination
str_sk-395-01  Appox. Run Time 36mins
Hot blond Astrid, in a red tiny string bikini, takes on the more experienced Penthouse Pet, Princezz. Now Princezz loves to dominate but has her hands full with this little wild cat! Both women are fighting in spiked high heels! Soon the tiny bikinis fall off and the sexy breast mauling begins! Witness hot leg holds in high heels that will have you begging for more.

Princezz makes easy work of Astrid on the first fall, claiming her victory by a sleeper hold. When Astrid gets her wits back, she finds herself being dominated in all kinds of sexy wrestling holds! The tide turns and Princezz finds herself choked out by Astrid. Astrid then takes Princezz and torturers her in the ropes, then to the mat! It’s payback time with more brutal breast mauling.

Princezz breaks free and gets the upper hand and it’s all downhill for Astrid. Totally dominating and torturing the hot blonde with wild sexy pins, face sitting, and more! Astrid finally succumbs to Princezz, lying flat on the mat, while her victor pridefuly poses with her foot on Astrids’ belly and chest.

A very sexy but brutal high heeled catfight with great close up action shots you won’t want to miss!


Wrestlers : Princezz, Astrid
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High Heeled Honey's | Download
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