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Candi Apt. Cat Fight | Candi vs. Tina | Download - Streaming Approx. Run Time 30 min.. Product #: str_SK-48-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Apt. Cat Fight | Candi vs. Tina | Download - Streaming

Rent Control
Catfighting: Female Wrestling
str_SK-48-01 Approx. Run Time 30 min
This wrestling catfight is the story of two young roommates and what happens when one uses the rent money to buy herself some sexy lingerie. Candi, a bombshell with long blonde tresses, is lounging on the king-size bed when her red-headed British roomie returns home. Candi is attired in a beautiful red teddy bought on a recent shopping spree-- Tina, the fiery red-head, questions her about her spree that turns out to have used the rent money, and a riotous struggle erupts right in the bedroom.

Tina is wearing a super sexy white teddy, and the two small but curvy girls begin an all-out catfight on the bed. Soon both teddies are ripped from tender young bodies and the two hellcats continue their battle in teeny panties and bras. The battle rages from the bed to the floor and back again, and teddies are used to choke and smother both opponents. Of course, the bras are the next to go, leaving both young ladies in lace bikini panties.

This intense wrestling catfight is replete with all of the fury and violence you would expect from two hellcats bent on victory. Bodies are dropped from the bed to the floor, and pain is the name of the game. Rear ends are slapped, faces are punched, throats choked, and limbs are the object of savage biting. Firm breasts take a mauling as they are crushed and pounced on, with no referee and no rules to stop the agony. First one girl and then the other has the advantage, until one brash and brazen warrior applies a painful armlock on her opponent while astride her fallen prey on the thick carpet. Soon the victim is pulled back to the bed to be put to sleep by a savage pillow smother. The thoroughly beaten loser lies spread-eagled on the linen, unconscious with her arms dangling helplessly over the bed. The superior winner now really has “Rent Control!”


Wrestlers : Candi, Tina
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Apt. Cat Fight | Candi vs. Tina | Download - Streaming
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