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Princezz Belly Punching | Download Belly Punching | Female Fight Fantasy.. Product #: str_sk-397-01 Regular price: $18.90 $18.90

Belly Punching | Download

Princezz vs. Georgia
Belly Punching | Female Fight Fantasy
str_SK-397-01 Appox. Run Time 20mins
These young, hot girls in string bikini’s, go toe to toe for a belly punching shoot out! This belly button championship match, stages the Penthouse Pet, Princezz against the svelte brunette Georgia.
Princezz is in for the win and assaults Georgia with not only her bare naked fists landed into the belly, she throws a whimpering Georgia to the floor, picks up a rod and dishes out a severe beating on the little brunette. As Georgia gasps for air, Princezz shows no mercy! Ramming the rod right up Georgias’ back side! If that is not enough, Princezz opens up a can of woop ass! Grabs a chain, wraps it around her fists and punches Georgia from top to bottom!
Princezz gives Georgia a break and taunts her, but Georgia has had enough and manages to get back at Princezz with some belly punching and torture of her own. Titty twisting, and punching to the breast, belly and crotch! Georgia grabs the rod and lets Princezz have it! Taunts go back and forth, till finally Georgia gets the chain and beats Princezz to a pulp! Caught by a rear naked choke one sexy belly puncher is left lifeless on the ring floor with the victor posing, saying, I showed her!


Wrestlers : Princezz, Georgia
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Belly Punching | Download
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