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Alysha Against All Odds | Women`s Boxing | Download - Streaming Approx. Run Time 35 min.. Product #: str_CVP-07-01 Regular price: $14.95 $14.95

Against All Odds | Women`s Boxing | Download - Streaming

Alysha vs. Mindy
Women`s Boxing, Domination
str_CVP-07-01 Approx. Run Time 35 min
Champion Video's ring is the scene of what figures to be a lopsided women’s boxing bout. Alysha, the 5'9” giantess, is first seen working on the heavy weights, using the slant board and then pounding the big bag with her awesome strength. Her trainer thinks that she is now ready for any girl in the world.

Prior to the match, the girls pose in provocative high heels. Alysha, with her waist length light brown tresses, black bikini bottom. and flowered hot pink top, dons her red gloves. Across from the Amazon stands curly haired brunette Mindy, also with black bikini bottoms and a lilac flowered bra. The bell rings and the expected uneven battle is on.

The first round sees both brazen boxers feeling out their opponent, and Alysha immediately realizes that Mindy, although smaller and lighter, keeps moving in with a constant and relentless jabbing attack. Mindy parries and thrusts her way toward the tough giant. As the second round is ending, Alysha corners poor Mindy and reigns blow after blow to the girl's unprotected belly.

The action continues, and in Round 4 Alysha throws a roundhouse right hook which sends Mindy crashing heavily to the ring floor and then takes a six count. Mindy stuns Alysha with a wicked left jab to the face and Alysha spins away, using her knowledge of the ropes to regain control.

In Round 6 another roundhouse again floors Mindy, and she takes another six count before she rises to do battle once more. The intensity increases as the two female fighters begin to tire from their efforts and it is evident that the end is near for one of the Glamazons. One battler slumps in her corner at the end of the round, and when Round 7 begins she doesn't even get to throw a punch. Her opponent throws a vicious and deadly right to the head and the victim crumbles like a burst balloon. A great show of intense women’s boxing! (Digitized from vintage footage.)


Wrestlers : Alysha
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Against All Odds | Women`s Boxing | Download - Streaming
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